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concrete repairs

There have been issues with pavement that our specialists are aware of and can fix the problem for you. The most common problem deals with excessive moisture that comes from concrete slabs, creating significant and expensive damages.

For these circumstances, Precision Paving Co INC offers sealcoating services. it is a moisture control system that consists of coat applications. You may know it to be useful to winter cracking, UV rays and traffic. However, you’d be surprised that sealcoat acts as a barrier against hazardous chemicals, such as oil and gasoline.

To receive our sealcoating service, or other pavement services, give Precision Paving Co INC a call. Our concrete paving professionals are more than happy to serve our friends in Las Vegas, NV and show them how important it is to protect their pavement.

For the best Seal Coating in Las Vegas, NV call Precision Paving Co INC today! As your local premier concrete repairs provider, we specialize as in: Asphalt PavingParking Lot RepairsSeal Coating, and Striping.


concrete repairs



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