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Every 12 to 20 years, you should look at resurfacing asphalt. Smoother roads lower your vehicle’s fuel consumption.

Road deterioration is accelerated even further in high traffic areas. Sometimes you pay less to resurface or get quality asphalt paving now than you would in the long-run after extreme deterioration. It’s the taxpayer’s money that goes towards fixing major roads, highways, etc.

Having asphalt paving service done will lessen tire to pavement road noise. If you are thinking of repaving in a residential area, it can help create a more enjoyable and peaceful environment. The benefit to asphalt over concrete is that project time is usually less for the paving because roads don’t have to be closed for curing.

Asphalt is used in 85% of parking lot construction in the U.S. for a reason. Economically, environmentally, and for efficiency’s sake, it is just the better choice.

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concrete repairs


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