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In many cases, asphalt is mixed at the construction site. If you’ve ever driven by a worksite, you may have seen a rotating drum on a tripod. This is where aggregate, water, and cement are mixed together by our Precision Paving Co INC asphalt paving professionals in order to form quality asphalt.

Our pavement services are typically used for a lot of commercial purposes, like parking lot paving. These involve a little more complicated and extensive work than just repaving someone’s patio. The United States already has incorporated concrete pavement into over 30% of its interstate highways.

Our industrial paving experts are trained to inspect your property to fix any holes and other issues. Asphalt repair services are vital to everyone’s safety and can even enhance the appearance of your business.

For the best Parking Lot Repairs call and come visit us today! Precision Paving Co INC As your local premier concrete repairs provider, we specialize as in: Asphalt PavingParking Lot RepairsSeal Coating, and Striping.
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